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The Grief Care Fund is a special fund to help families in need at their time of loss in our community. Established by the Meierhoffer Family in recognition of the many generations of families who have called upon their family and staff for funeral and cremation services over the past 122 years, the Grief Care Fund provides families we serve with financial assistance. The Grief Care Fund is one way in which the Meierhoffer Family expresses their gratitude for the generations of support and confidence expressed by the community and a real and meaningful way in which to give back to the community and support every family when they need it the most.

There’s no greater loss than the loss of a loved one. The emotional strain of dealing with the loss is difficult enough, but to have to add to it the stress and worry of covering the expenses related to a death can be overwhelming. That is why we want you to be focused on the “Healing Process”. The Grief Care Fund can assist in making those first steps following a loss with the confidence and security that you are not alone at this time.

Providing financial assistance is an important part of helping families after a loss and the Grief Care Fund makes that type of assistance possible. This doesn’t mean that the funeral will be free, but it does mean that when families choose Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory, we make 100% sure all of our families are able to honor their loved one in a befitting manor.

For families needing additional assistance, who choose to also utilize the St. Joseph Funeral Fund, the Grief Care Fund always makes the first contribution to the family’s efforts to seek financial assistance. The Grief Care Fund and The St. Joseph Funeral Fund are offered exclusively at Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory.

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