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Our Cemeteries

The Meierhoffer family has been committed to providing the best in life-honoring service since 1894.

Today, Scott & Todd Meierhoffer continue what their great-great-grandfather started and foster the ideals of compassionate, attentive assistance to families who have lost a loved one, along with a belief in the support of the community.

Since the early 1900's, St. Joseph Memorial Park and Mt. Auburn Cemetery have been special places for families to commemorate their loved ones. Our beautiful and peaceful cemeteries welcome all faiths.  From our many memorial gardens and private family estates to mausoleums, cremation gardens, and specialty areas for veterans and infants, we offer a wide variety of affordable options to meet families’ needs.

Our Services

There are many ways to commemorate a life. Your family traditions, personal lifestyles, and the desires of all those affected by the loss should always be considered. It’s a very personal decision, which is why St. Joseph area families have trusted us for generations to help plan tributes that truly tell the story of the life that has been lived.

St. Joseph Memorial Park and Mt. Auburn offer a wide variety of permanent life tribute options from Earth Burial to Mausoleum Crypts, as well as Unique Cremation Gardens and Glass Front Niches.  We offer a complimentary grave space for honorably discharged veterans.

St. Joseph Memorial Park Map         Mount Auburn Cemetery Map


Your Options


We offer everything from Private Family Mausoleum, Family Estates & Gardens, Community Mausoleums, Traditional Burial Spaces and Children’s area. Mausoleum options are set in a beautiful area for peaceful remembrance.  Entombment in an above-ground mausoleum allows families to visit their loved one, pause for a while, and quietly reflect on the times they shared.



Private Family Mausoleum, Family Estates & Gardens, Community Mausoleums, Burial Spaces, Columbarium, Cremation Gardens, Glass Front Niches. After the cremation process is complete, the choices for remembering your loved one are just beginning. In fact, cremation offers many opportunities for honor and remembrance, and they’re all available at our cemeteries, St. Joseph Memorial Park and Mt Auburn. The Cremation Garden Areas are a popular choice. You can honor your loved one more deeply with your choice of memorialization. If you own a Family Grave Area, it can be utilized for burial. Create a lasting memorial at the site with your selection of a  grave plaque, memorial, or monument.

Our Glass Front Niche Areas offer an above-ground resting place for the cremated remains of your loved one, and provide a comfortable, quiet place for family visits and recollection. The niche may be personalized with many personal mementos.


Cremation 101

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Memorial Park’s Veterans Section and Mt. Auburn’s Field of Honor provide all honorably discharged veterans with a memorial headstone, US Flag and Presidential Certificate.  In addition, for families using Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory services a free grave space for burial or cremation will be provided.  What makes our Veterans Section and Field of Honor unique is that a Veteran’s spouse and other family members may reserve grave spaces alongside their loved one.

By choosing either of these two gardens, a veteran can be buried in his/her own community providing a local opportunity for family, friends, and neighbors to pay their respects and remember a life well-lived. Memorial Park’s Veterans Section is beautifully marked by its main feature, a bronze eagle atop a granite column and Mt. Auburn’s Field of Honor is marked by six twelve-foot pieces of granite for the American Flag and each branch of the Military.  They are the only two Veteran gardens in the St. Joseph area dedicated solely to veterans and their families.

We are always happy to arrange for veteran honors and benefits. You can find out more about veterans benefits here.

Memorialization Options

Grave Markers, Mementos and Other Memorialization Items, Slate of Memories.
Memorials are an important part of our culture. They allow people to remember loved ones. Memories of a person are precious and you can show the value and importance of the person in your life with memorials. The place where a memorial in the name of a loved is set becomes a permanent place where you can visit and show your meaningful tribute to your loved one who is still remembered by you.  Memorials also serve as a permanent record for future generations and genealogy. Memorials allow family, friends and the community to know about their past generations. 

Grave Markers

We offer a full line of Granite or Bronze Memorial Markers to memorialize your loved one. You can choose from the Custom, Premium, or Classic product lines to design a highly personalized memorial. You can choose the color of granite, the color of bronze, border designs, and personalization options to make your memorial a beautiful tribute. Our staff can give you all the details and costs. Call us for more information or e-mail us.

Mementos and Other Memorialization Items

Memory garden stepping stones, sundials, water fountains, wind chimes and garden statues all help create your own Memory Garden at home.

Cenotaph/Slate of Memories

The Slate of Memories is a granite slate with bronze plaques that memorializes those choosing cremation 
scattering, anatomical donation or who are buried elsewhere.

Plan Ahead

Many people wisely decide to preplan their choices in funeral, cemetery and cremation because they wish to protect their family from facing complex decisions at a very stressful time.  As a fifth generation family-owned funeral home and cemetery we know that preplanning eases the stress and confusion of the family you leave behind. When you invest in a prepayment plan, you protect them even further from unexpected and possibly burdensome final expenses. Call (816) 233-2526 now to receive free information and learn more about available properties.

Clean Up Dates

To protect and ensure respectful care of all graves, the mausoleum and the general appearance of the cemetery, the following clean-up dates and policies have been established.

The cleanup is scheduled for the first Monday in March & the Monday following Memorial Day. Cleanup will start on these dates or on the next weather-permitting date. 

All flowers and decorations will be removed. No exceptions. 


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