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Experience of Healing

Experience of Healing & The Acute Loss Period

90% of what we do is to help your family and friends begin healing. Only 10% of what we do is related to the care of the deceased. Our goal is to make sure that your family has an intentional plan in place to begin healing.

The death of a loved one is a family and community event. The goal of planning ahead is to ensure that the needs of those who survive will be met, that they will be cared for, and that all decisions will foster a healthy grieving experience.

It’s not easy to talk about end-of-life wishes before you have to. But it’s one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with loved ones. By preplanning your funeral, you can make sure your life is celebrated the way you want. A good plan will help families identify their needs and choose what will meet their needs and is consistent with their values.

When thinking about what is going to happen when we die, most people think about it in terms of whether they will be buried or cremated. While that decision is necessary, 90% of what we do is to help your family and friends begin healing; only 10% of what we do is related to the care of the deceased. What people often forget is that their death really doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to those who love them.

This means the people who will be most affected by the decisions made will be family and friends as everyone begins to cope with a world without you or a loved one in it. Because of this we teach every family about the period of time between death and the onset of grief known as the Acute Loss Period.

Our mission is to lead families through the seven phases of the Acute Loss Period in ways that will foster healing for families and their communities at the time of loss and in the days, weeks and months following. In so doing, we hope we can take the mystery out of what to do when a loved one dies and focus instead on how to maximize the benefits from each of these stages to encourage grief, growth and healing.

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Event of Death
Acute Loss Period
 Onset of Grief

The Acute Loss Period is a process that we all go through after the loss of a loved one, it is non-negotiable. As you look at the diagram below, you can see the outer rim portrays the emotional, relational and spiritual needs that every family will need to address. The inner circle demonstrates the seven phases of the Acute Loss Period that align with those needs. Every person touched by the loss will go through every step.

Important Questions to Ask:

When planning a farewell, the first question you want to ask is...

“How will my choices care for the needs of my family?”

The second question is…

“How is the funeral home prepared to care for those needs?”

The third question is…

“How do I wish to honor and celebrate the life of my loved one?”

We know that “family” is the tie that binds people and communities. Saying “Farewell” to a loved one in a way that satisfies the needs your family faces following a loss is powerful and leaves a lasting imprint on the lives of those who carry on.

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